what’s a blessing secret? shhhh don’t tell

anonymous givingShhhhhh. There’s a little blessing secret that Jesus tells us. It’s right there in Matthew 6…

And it’s time we shared this secret with our kids.

But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” — Matthew 6:3-4

Teaching kids the blessing secret of anonymous giving is really quite fun.

They instantly get it. Sure, it’s a secret because the person we are doing a good deed for or giving to has NO IDEA it was us.  The secret is how wonderful it makes us feel when we do something for someone else….

expecting nothing in return.

Not even recognition.

What does a blessing secret look like? What does anonymous giving look like for a child?

It’s basically charitable giving without a name attached. Then, God gets ALL the glory for the blessing and we just get to giggle and watch the happiness He has shared with us bless someone else.

Who could use an anonymous good deed in your child’s life? Brainstorm with them to see. Or, better yet, act on those wonderful child-like implosives when they notice someone who could use one.

–Their teacher.

Maybe they know that she needs a particular school supply that’s running low in the classroom. Let kids be sneaky and anonymously place them on her desk before anyone sees them.

— Their sibling.

Gosh, we only hope that kids will learn how to do this at home with their own family. This is an especially effective way for children to see their brothers’ and sisters’ needs in a different way.

— Strangers.

Perhaps they notice a neighbor that needs some help sweeping a driveway or sidewalk. Encourage them to practice anonymous giving when the neighbor won’t notice. Then, they can privately watch their expression as they discover the secret blessing that your child has given through the window. What child doesn’t love to be sneaky?

The most important way that we can encourage kids to perform anonymous good deeds is allowing them a little insight about how we ourselves do the same. I know that might sound counter-productive, but children need to see first, then imitate, then initiate all learned behavior. Plus, you can share a little “secret” joy together.

So shhhh….

Has there been a time when your child has noticed a need and filled it anonymously for someone? Please share.

What sorts of blessings have you been the recipient of from anonymous givers?

How can we encourage our kids to get out of their comfort zone and give a secret blessing?

Kathy Helgemo

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