the mom superpower we don’t use enough

holy spirit powerI’m weak.

Oh sure, I know that moms are supposed to be superhuman and all that.

Able to do Algebra homework, take three kids to sports practices and make a Pinterest-worthy dinner — all at the same time and without breaking a sweat.

But this mom knows the truth. And the truth isn’t pretty.

On most days, in my own power, I’m one teenage tantrum away from having one myself.

I’m one slow-driver-ahead-of-me-while-I’m-trying-to-get-the-kids-to-school away from turning into a hot mess.

Nope. No cape here. (Although I do own a rockin’ pair of boots.)

You’d think I’d gain more strength and confidence as my kids get older.

But it only makes me realize how many mistakes I’ve made. How completely powerless I am on my own.

My children don’t do or believe everything I’d like. I’m less able to influence opinions and outcomes.

The enemy would love to keep me mired in these feelings of inadequacy and helplessness. 

And then I remember these words: My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Cor. 12:9

I do have Superpower, after all. His name is the Holy Spirit.

I don’t have to give in to my feelings of anger and impatience. I don’t have to succumb to paralyzing feelings of inadequacy. I do have the strength to act in my child’s best interest — even when he or she is fighting it every. single. step. of. the. way.

In Ephesians, we’re told that we have the same power available to us as that it took to raise Christ from the dead. No matter how challenging we think our children are at times, they don’t require more power than that.

It takes a little more effort than slipping into the nearest phone booth to tap into the Holy Spirit’s power. Mostly, it’s training our minds and hearts to be in tune with Him.

Here’s a few ways I’ve found to bring the Holy Spirit’s energy and wisdom into my mothering:

1.) Start the day in the Word. Believe me, I realize that it’s not always possible to have quality time with God. Sometimes in the midst of all the chaos, the only prayer that gets uttered is “Help!” But I know it’s important to center our minds on God before all the worries and burdens of the day start crashing in.

I was listening to a podcast last weekend that suggested keeping your Bible on your nightstand and reading one verse and saying a quick prayer before getting out of bed. However, we do it, we need to try to find time to start our day inviting His presence. 

2.) Develop the habit of asking Him for help, even with the little things. It creates intimacy. It builds our faith as we see Him answer our prayers for help and guidance throughout the day.

The more in tune we are with the Spirit, the more we sense His promptings — those “feelings” that alert us to danger or prompt us to act. So many times, I’ve sensed something was off with one of my kids. And when I follow through on that feeling, I’m almost always right. I don’t have that kind of “Spidey-sense” on my own. That’s all Him.

3.) Make a practice of asking for forgiveness. I know I find it hard to face God or feel His power when I have issues or wrongs that I haven’t confessed to Him.

4.) Stand firm. Watch out. When we start asking for the Holy Spirit’s power in our lives and in our mothering, be prepared for attack. Satan knows the positive impact it will have on our children and others — and He’s going to fight it. Hard. And He doesn’t play fair either.

Mothering is too challenging to go it alone.

We find support among our friends — both in real life and online. And that’s fabulous.

But it’s no substitute for heavenly Superpower.

We just have to use it.  

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  • That you for this reminder today. I keep thinking this parenting thing is going to get easier, and it doesn’t. I feel like the more I pray, the more I need to pray. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it does get exhausting after a while!

    • {Melinda} I totally understand what you mean, Rabia. My oldest is almost 18 and I still don’t have this mothering thing figured out. 🙂 It definitely keeps me dependent on God … continually turning them over to Him and asking Him to fill in the gaps where I fall short. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  • “You think I’d gain more strength and confidence as my kids get older”. This sentence rang so true for me. With a 9 and 7 year old now testing independence I find my confidence dips low and I am second guessing myself often. Great post and one that has me thinking more about asking for forgiveness too.

    • {Melinda} Karen, those preteen years (and teen years!) can really have us doubting what we think we know about mothering. Overnight, the rules seems to change. Keeps me relying on the Holy Spirit more than ever. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment. <3

  • Amen. So beautifully said. Thank you for the reminder and encouragement. I so easily forget and try to tackle everything on my own. Until it becomes overwhelming and I remember that’s by design so I will turn to Him.

    Love this line: “No matter how challenging we think our children are at times, they don’t require more power than that.” So true. And the warning that attack will follow our faithfulness — absolutely true! I can tell when I’ve got Satan nervous. Often he doesn’t attack me directly, but he attacks those I live with. He knows if he can damage those relationships it will weaken me. When I notice it for what it is instead of just thinking my family is being difficult, then I can defend with the proper tools and simply giggle at Satan’s silly efforts.

    Great post. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend for you.

    • {Melinda} Oh, Robin. I love your comment. Yes, Satan attacks my children … because he knows how much it affects me. And then he gets a 3 for 1 deal! Attack one … weaken them all. I really do think that the biggest thing is realizing it’s an attack and refuting it with Truth. I’m trying to learn more verses, so I have the truth at my fingertips when he starts spouting his lies.

  • I’m getting better with #1. I think as moms we need to admit none of us have that superhero cape. And we certainly can’t do this alone.

    • {Melinda} Yes, Jennifer, I think #1 is so important … when I don’t start my day out right, it’s hard to get it back, isn’t it?

    • {Melinda} Thank you, Kela! It’s been a rough week and I’m just at a point where “enough is enough.” The enemy is on notice!!

      • AMEN!! AMEN!! When we learn that we don’t have to let satan run roughshod all over our emotions (even when crap (can I say that???) is going crazy around us), we have more power than we sometimes realize!!
        Praying for your coming week!! <3

        • {Melinda} Thank you, Kela! I appreciate your prayers. Yes, I think the enemy COUNTS on us not knowing the power we have in Jesus! (Oh, and yes, you can say crap. 🙂 )

  • Amen to #1! I had gotten out of the habit these past few months in the midst of a cross country move. I’ve started back in this week, and what a difference it has made already. I just wish I had known this when my girls were little.

    • {Melinda} Kim, I think the hardest part is to stay in that place where we’re in step with the Spirit continually. I do well, but then I get busy or overwhelmed by circumstances and I start relying on my own power. Sigh.


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